adam (laowillrise) wrote,

la crosse, WI - i want a cheese head

So sitting in the venue of the show that we played at tonight... and SHOCKER is playing... my eyes are burning from the cigarette smoke in here...
this was supposed to be the biggest show on the tour and 1208 and Scatter the Ashes didnt even show up... neither did any people. there were like oh maybe 10 people when we played, and we brought in most of the kids that were in there. oh well.

im home sick, and i dont know how much more of this shitty show stuff i can take. but im really excited that eri is coming to see me in a few days...

i also wish touring wasnt this hard on everything. if anybody tells you this stuff is easy, they are lying. its fucking hard work and its hard on the soul. so i hope it all pays off...

till later...
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