adam (laowillrise) wrote,

mission statement - smile

well so first i wanna say that I hope your headache has gone away by the time you have read this.

the last few weeks have been interesting to say the least. a lot of things are changing in my life and im really enjoying everything about it. ya there are times when i look back on the past and get emotional, but thats whats supposed to happen, and once i figure that out, i feel fine. it also helps to have somebody next to you to keep your chin up for you.

i guess im gonna start posting maybe again? i think so... im gonna try to at least... i know ive said that before, but really this time, im gonna make a concious effort.

hmm hopefully tonight i might be able to see Without A Paddle... and go to moonies at some point... im really enjoying all the new company as well. tis lots of fun.

well --- my search for a 6600 or better and a new identity on ebay continues...
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