Who wants to gamble?


Let me know which works better

Ok so I am organizing a trip to San Diego to Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino.

I need at least 40 people. Heres how it works

A coach bus will come pick us up here in Los Angeles and take us down to the casino.
We spend about 5 hours at the casino and when we are done, we get on the bus and they take us home.

Every group is assured the privilege of VIP treatment, beginning with a warm, personal welcome from a friendly Guest Concierge, who will provide an overview of the facilities many services. Following a general explanation of the casino floorplan and the location of various games and dining venues, group members will receive a personal Club Barona account and card, which entitles them to convert points earned while playing into immediately tangible and valuable benefits, such as free cash, free meals, free or discounted merchandise, and a variety of convenient services. Membership in Club Barona is free, easy, and intensely rewarding, not to mention just plain fun. Your Group Concierge will be available throughout your stay to provide additional information on the benefits of membership, or any assistance group members might require.

The only down side is you have to go during the week, like either mon-fri leave at like 10 or 12
or mon-thursday night leave at like 7:00 pm

if you want in, comment or tell your friends. you only have to be 18 to go.
check out www.barona.com for more details on the casino

if you are interested comment, or email me - apaul@fastmusic.com

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so once again, this is a reminder

this journal is dead - if you wanna keep up with me add

also... my phone broke so i need phone numbers

just comment in the new journal and the comment will not be visible by anybody else... see i take your privacy into consideration... how nice am I?

mission statement - smile

well so first i wanna say that I hope your headache has gone away by the time you have read this.

the last few weeks have been interesting to say the least. a lot of things are changing in my life and im really enjoying everything about it. ya there are times when i look back on the past and get emotional, but thats whats supposed to happen, and once i figure that out, i feel fine. it also helps to have somebody next to you to keep your chin up for you.

i guess im gonna start posting maybe again? i think so... im gonna try to at least... i know ive said that before, but really this time, im gonna make a concious effort.

hmm hopefully tonight i might be able to see Without A Paddle... and go to moonies at some point... im really enjoying all the new company as well. tis lots of fun.

well --- my search for a 6600 or better and a new identity on ebay continues...

So long, farewell

To every person who has ever asked, "what does L.A.O. mean?" anybody who has ever been to any show at the Cobalt Cafe, anybody who has ever asked, "how was tour?", every person who has ever put their fingers in the air and tickled the sky at a show - this is for you:

After 7 years of dedicating my entire life, blood sweat and tears, countless hours of sitting in front of a computer screen, driving in a van, waiting at shows, playing shows, practicing in garages, lockouts, rehearsal studios, high school stages and recording studios and being known to many as only, "Adam from L.A.O." - I have been asked to leave L.A.O.

The question WHY? will never be answered, but only to say that 3 were not on the same page as 1.

All I can say now is thank you to every single person who I came in contact with over the last 7 years with this band - Everybody who came to a show, everybody I shared the stage with, spun our spinners, everybody who did the hand claps or sang along or took pictures, anybody who ever paid attention when I just had to show them the latest website design or t-shirt idea at 4 in the morning. You all made the last 7 years worth it.

Ever since the day Brian and I started L.A.O. - or maybe when it was only known as Mad Cow and the Atomic Mushrooms - I believed in the band and we did whatever it took to make an impression on anybody we came across.... L.A.O. will forever leave an impression on me.

I look forward to seeing what comes next for L.A.O. and for myself. I hope whatever it is I take part in next that I will be able to enjoy it with everyone who has made these last 7 years what they were to me.

Feel free to drop me an email and let me know how things are going...

Adam Scott Paul
L.A.O. ; December 97 - August 04

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well well well... today is june 29th and there is only 2 possibly one more show on the tour and I feel like I did something worthwhile. I think I will go home feeling accomplished.

One thing that was awesome was spending some very very much needed time with my baby for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on June 22nd. Erika flew into Oklahoma and we spent a few days together and she came to 2 of our shows and it really helped me a lot to see a familiar face and sing to it... one of my favorite reasons for playing at home is seeing her face and when im on the road and its not there, its just not the same.

Also the last year of my life has been nothing short of amazing. I have grown and learned so much about myself and life in general and I dont think I could have done it without you babe. Hell, i've even learned practically another language thanks to you, not to mention about ONE HUNDRED different names for myself and you...

i guess what im trying to say is, you totally rock at life and you totally rock my life.
i love you sugarplum

<3 addy

la crosse, WI - i want a cheese head

So sitting in the venue of the show that we played at tonight... and SHOCKER is playing... my eyes are burning from the cigarette smoke in here...
this was supposed to be the biggest show on the tour and 1208 and Scatter the Ashes didnt even show up... neither did any people. there were like oh maybe 10 people when we played, and we brought in most of the kids that were in there. oh well.

im home sick, and i dont know how much more of this shitty show stuff i can take. but im really excited that eri is coming to see me in a few days...

i also wish touring wasnt this hard on everything. if anybody tells you this stuff is easy, they are lying. its fucking hard work and its hard on the soul. so i hope it all pays off...

till later...