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laowillrise's Journal

24 September
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so this journal has been retired - check out my new journal
afi, all stars, art, at the drive-in, batman, billy madison, black, black & white, blake kasemeier, boogie nights, botch, boy sets fire, brian lerner, bright eyes, camera obscura, cameras, catcher in the rye, cave-in, coheed & cambria, color, cursive, cute faces, darkest hour, dashboard, death by stereo, deftones, denny's, desaparecidos, digital cameras, dillinger escape plan, dillinger four, donnie darko, dreaming, dying, elliott, ensign, erika lund, fantastic four, fight club, fiona apple, foo fighters, food, forrest gump, fugazi, fury 66, get up kids, girls who smell good, godspeed you black emperor, good riddance, grade, hope, hot pink, hot snakes, hot water music, incubus, ink and dagger, j.d. salinger, jack purcells, jimmy eat world, jthm, kid dynamite, kurt vonnegut, l.a.o., lao, laughing, learning, les savy fav, listening, living, magnolia, mars volta, memento, milemarker, minor threat, minus the bear, mogwai, moulin rouge, murder city devils, my band, my girlfriend, nada surf, new end original, nine stories, nirvana, p.t. anderson, phillip lee, phoebe, photography, pi, piebald, playing guitar, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, pulley, punch drunk love, punisher, q and not u, radiohead, reading, recover, refused, requiem for a dream, rise against, sahara hot nights, selby tigers, self portraits, self-expression, seven, shiny things, skinny girls, slaughterhouse-five, slow shutter speeds, small t-shirts, smashing pumpkins, snapcase, sparta, strawberry lip gloss, stretch arm strong, strife, strike anywhere, strung out, sweep the leg johnny, system of a down, taking back sunday, talking, texas is the reason, the audience, the explosion, the faint, the hives, the international noise conspiracy, the pattern, the used, thrice, thundercats, thursday, tight pants, tight t-shirts, tilt, tool, vanilla perfume, vanilla sky, waterdown, wide angle lenses, willy wonka, winterfresh, writing, x-men, you,